Advanced Kindergym

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Prerequisite: Red (Level 2) Badge and/or upon recommendation of coach.

This class is an extension of our Kindergym Program. It has been created for three and four year olds who have some Kindergym experience and who wish to develop their basic skills even further in preparation for more challenging skills and longer classes.

Registration for this program is available online with special permissiom or in the office. All registrations for advanced classes will be reviewed for proper prerequisites before being placed in the class.

The Advanced Kindergym class runs for 1.5 hours, with a coach to athlete ratio of 1:6.

**Please do not register your child in an Advanced Kindergym class if they do not have the prerequisite badge level or have never been at LGA before. We understand that many of the regular Kindergym classes are full at this time and we are doing our best to accommodate as many families as we can, but the Advanced Kindergym classes are only for athletes who have mastered the first two badges. Thank you for your cooperation!

Ages: 3 – 4 years

SUMMER 2018 (July 10-August 30)
*All fees are subject to HST.

FALL 2018 (September 8-December 20)
*All fees are subject to HST.