CanGym Badge Program

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Our goal at London Gymnastics Academy is to provide children the opportunity to develop basic gymnastics skills in a FUN and controlled environment. The CanGym program, a nationally recognized curriculum for recreational gymnastics developed through the Canadian Gymnastics Federation, is a 12-level skill-based program.

Each child can challenge themselves throughout each session and work on the CanGym skills at their own pace. The key skills in this program can be considered “building blocks” for more advanced gymnastics skills, but also stand alone as excellent recreational level skills. Having fun, developing fitness, and acquiring fundamental skills are the goals of this program.

At the end of each session every child receives a Report Card, clearly indicating which skills have been mastered. When a level is completed, the child will receive a badge. Please take not that progress through the various levels depends on each child’s abilities and efforts and that, as such, it may take more than one session of classes for a child to pass a particular level.

Badge 1 – Burgundy

Badge 2 –Red

Badge 3 –Tan

Badge 4 –Bronze

Badge 5 –Purple

Badge 6 –Blue

Badge 7 –Turquoise

Badge 8 –Silver

Badge 9 –Orange

Badge 10 –Yellow

Badge 11 –Green

Badge 12 – Gold