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Our BRAND NEW Ninja Classes will focus on flexibility, endurance, agility, balance and coordination. Classes will include obstacles, flexibility training and conditioning circuits. A great way to build strength and self-confidence!


*Ninja 102 Prerequisite: Athletes must have experience doing aerial-inversions, “flips”.


London Gymnastics Academy’s Junior and Intermediate Accelerated classes run for 2 hours and are geared towards athletes seeking an added challenge and the benefits of a competitive training program without the commitments of competition, travel or increased hours in the gym. Our Accelerated programs have a higher emphasis on the technical mastery of skills and the added fun of working to master routines on each apparatus! A senior staff member from our competitive team will coach the accelerated groups with a coach-athlete ratio of 1:8.

*Please do not register your child in an Intermediate Accelerated class if they do not have the prerequisite badge level or have never been at LGA before.* 

Junior Accelerated Program

Ages: 5-6 year olds
Prerequisite: Tan Badge (Level 3)

Intermediate Accelerated Program

Ages: 7-9 year olds
Prerequisite: Bronze Badge (Level 4)