How To Register

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If you are new with us at LGA, welcome! To register your child(ren), go to the “Programs” tab at the top of this page and click either “Recreational Gymnastics” or “Recreational Cheerleading” on the drop-down box. From there, on side of the page you will be able to view available class times for specific ages/levels using the various links. When you have decided on a class, click the “REGISTER” link beside that class. This will take you to the online registration form. If the class is full and you would like to be put on the Wait List, click the “WAIT LIST” link.

If you are are registering additional children for additional classes, you only need to fill out ONE registration form for your family. At the bottom of the online registration form is an option for “Student #2 Information, Student #3 Information, etc…” and you can select which class you would like any additional children to be enrolled in.


CURRENT MEMBERS (anyone who is registered in a class or Summer Camp at LGA since July 1, 2013)

1) Whether you registered through the office or online, you now have a family account/customer portal through which you can register your child(ren). If you are a returning member, you MUST register your child(ren) through your Customer Portal. Please do not use the registration form (it has a blue background). Instead, either click on the “CUSTOMER LOGIN” button to the left of your screen, or click on the red letters at the top of the online registration form that say, “Already a Customer? Click here to login” and follow the directions.

2) You must use the email that is currently on your account. If you registered at the office, please use the email that you provided on the form. If you do not know what email to use, please email us at [email protected] and we will look it up for you.

3) If you cannot remember or do not yet have a password, click on the “I don’t have a password” link and one will be sent to your email address right away.

4) If you use the registration form that comes up (with the blue background), you will be automatically charged for the Gymnastics Ontario fee. Although we will do our best to “catch” these errors, we will not be held responsible for any GO fees charged in error.

5) Once you are in your customer portal, you can register all of your children through the portal. Any “new” children in your family who have not yet been registered this season (ie. have not been in a summer or fall class in 2014) will be required to pay the Gymnastics Ontario fee. We will add these fees to your account as we review the online registrations (it is not automatically added in the Customer Portal).