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Team LGA

About Team LGA

Team LGA is the competitive program in women’s artistic gymnastics at London Gymnastics Academy. We have athletes at various levels including Pre-Competitive (developmental), Invitational, Provincial and National.

Tryouts for Team LGA are held every year in May or June. Each athlete is required to tryout on an annual basis. Some children may switch to a different level during this time in order to meet their individual needs.

For more information, please contact Caitlin at [email protected]

Our Philosophy

Our number one priority is to look out for and to promote the well-being of our most precious possessions – our kids! The reason for having them in a year-round sport is to keep them engaged mentally, physically, and emotionally, in an endeavour to continually challenge them to put forth their personal best.

If we surround our kids with mentors that encompass high moral and ethical character in an exciting and competitive environment, and who also model a high standard of excellence, then our athletes will be better prepared to win in the larger arena of life. A broad-based program that allows athletes of all levels the opportunity to compete and reach their goals is important to us. The achievement of all our athletes takes center stage here at LGA!